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Why free TV Streaming Sites Moving to a New Domain

Project Free TV and 123Movies, front-runners in the category of famous movie streaming sites like have recently disappeared and reappeared with new domains. Reasons behind these changes are not yet known.

Stay tuned to this article to know about the reasons behind this sudden change.

Project Free TV, a standout amongst the most popular TV show-streaming sites on the web, inexplicably vanished from the internet on 24 July, yet the place is currently back on another domain.

Numerous web clients thought it was an end for the long-running Project Free TV, as the site’s standard URL” was replaced by one word “Goodbye.”

However, the panic turned out to be short-lived, as the website “” is now available with a new URL “” and the new link work on similar lines with the original link.

Similarly, has also come up with a new domain minor changes.

Project Free TV. All that you need to know.

Project Free TV is a movie streaming site that connects to a massive number of different sites facilitating duplicates of mainstream TV shows so individuals can watch them online without paying a penny, and it likewise gives TV planning data.

All clients need to do is sign on to the site, scan for a TV program and a specific episode of their choice they wish to watch. Then afterward they are taken to another site where the video record is facilitated and streamed in an online video player for free.

Project Free TV is one of the most seasoned sites of its kind. However today numerous different sites additionally offer comparable administrations.

Often it is seen that Copyright holders appeal to courts to get network access suppliers (ISP) to hinder the services, and the site has been obstructed in the UK since November 2013.

The Untold truth

Project Free TV is, in fact, a streaming site, and may not appear as an issue.

In any case, most free streaming sites are as yet attempting to turn a benefit, and they do that by pounding you with advertisement notices and other pop-ups, a considerable number of which may contain malware.

Some of what you’ll see is moderately harmless. Many are direct notices that take a straightforward snap to close. In some cases, windows will show up which you can’t exit easily and need the “force quit” to dispose of.

The genuine issues emerge from pop-ups that endeavor to deceive you into downloading substance or programs. It’s more likely that the material isn’t really what it’s depicted to be.

It could be an acute infection that could unsalvageably hurt your PC or other gadgets.

Be careful with regular double dealings like, “You should introduce the most recent Flash Player update to proceed,” or “Your PC has an infection! Snap here to download a helpful program

There are a few simple yet effective methods to get rid of these unwanted pop-ups. Updated your browser with the latest security patches and use a robust add-blocker software.

Besides, use a good anti-malware software that scans and flags all PC threats.

The reason behind the change in Domain name

The new domain of “” was enlisted on 1 July, yet nobody online appears to know why Project Free TV’s previous space is blocked or why the switch happened in the first place.

Instead, the latest fuss:  Reddit clients have been talking about choices that can still empower them to stream content online for nothing.

Unlike other movie Streaming sites like Pirate Bay and Popcorn Time, Project Free TV doesn’t keep up a blog advising clients of downtimes or updates. If any.

However, it still keeps up a page about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and how they can manage any issues.

The site says that it is merely an online specialist organization and that it doesn’t effectively check or screen any substance transferred to its servers by clients.

However, Project Free TV includes that it considers copyright infringement essential and gives clear rules and guidelines on the best way to submit DMCA takedown demands.

Stay tuned to this space for further updates.

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