Secure Online Transaction

Best Tips For Secure Online Transaction

Shopping and banking online is the norm of the modern and digital world today, which occur constantly in the internet market mall.


With the growing online transactions there is bound always carry some risk, but consumers can do many things to increase their security on the web like install and use the best anti adware for protection against all types of adware.


Be it bill payments, funds exchange and transfer or getting of a fixed deposit, online banking allows you to do it in a faster and in an easier way. Imagine going to the bank and waiting in an unending queue, internet banking has made all banking functions handy through a few clicks.


However, every facility comes with a price, we need to make use of this service carefully as it involves a lot of risk of phishing – fraudulent means of attaining your confidential banking information.

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Listed below are few smart tips for internet banking.


  • Change your password regularly

The first time internet user are given a password by the bank, you will need to use the same password provided by the bank.


However, logging with it but after the first usage, we would like to suggest to change this password in order to keep your account safe. A good practice is to develop a habit to keep changing your password at regular intervals. More importantly, keep the present password confidential at all times.

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  • Do not use public computers to login

Using public computer should be avoid to logging to your bank account like cyber cafes or libraries. As these places crowded, and there is higher possibility for your password being tracked or seen by others.


If you can’t avoid this situation and have to login from such places, before you log off make sure you to clear the cache and browsing history, and delete all the temporary files from the computer. Also, never allow the browser to remember your ID and password.

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  • Do not share your details with anyone

In some situation you may get a call from someone portraying as a bank employee, but be aware that no bank will never ask for your confidential information via phone or email.


So whatever the case be either a phone call from the bank or an email requesting your details, never ever give away your login information.


To be safe only use your created login ID and password on the official login page of the bank, which has a secure website.

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  • Always use licensed anti-virus software

Due to the constant exposure to the internet it is important to protect your computer from new virus, ensure that you always use licensed anti-virus software.


To tempt the user there are lots of pirated versions of antivirus softwares available for free, but due to the originality they fail to protect your computer from new viruses prevalent in the online world. As a user there will be notifications send for updates in the software periodically.


Keep a good anti-virus which updated, so that your confidential information is always protected.


  • Disconnect the internet connection when not in use

Most on the internet user whether they are using broadband or any other form, forget to disconnect the internet connection on their computer when not using it.


Malevolent cyber hackers can access your computer via an internet connection and steal your confidential banking information.


To keep your personal and professional data safe and protected, ensure that you disconnect from the internet when you do not require it.


  • Type your internet banking URL

A safer method to protect your online transition is always to type your bank URL in the address bar of the browser rather than clicking on links given in an email.


It has been an observation in many instances of fakes emails send from fraudulent websites links that are designed exactly like the bank’s original website. If you are cheated on such website and once you enter your login details on such a website, they may be used to access your account and steal your money.


Suggestions and Solution

If you suspicious that your computer has been a victim to an online scam, shut your computer down instantaneously.

To get rid of this online attack, install and download free malware removal tool and do a full system scan with your antivirus software, which should be able to remove the virus.

Post the scan is completely and the virus is removed, reinstall your browser and software so to erase any changes that the shortcut virus has made.

Install the freeware opt for “custom and automatic installation, “if reading the term and condition is taking your time. This is a better option and we highly recommended that you go with this option as this would close the other programs that might get installed along with it .So to secure all these issue use the best antimalware software.

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