Kitty Malware

Kitty Malware Targets Drupal

The most recent adaptation of the Kitty malware family is focusing on Drupal sites with an end goal to mine digital currency.


As indicated by scientists from Imperva’s Incapsula, Kitty is the most recent malware to assault the Drupal content management system (CMS) for a reason for cryptojacking.


Its been more than a month since the Drupalgeddon 2.0 (CVE-2018-7600) misuse was distributed. The powerlessness, esteemed “very basic,” is a remote code execution bug exhibit in Drupal variants 7.x and 8.x.

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The helplessness enables danger performing artists to utilize different assault vectors to trade off Drupal sites. Filtering, secondary passage usage, and digital currency mining are generally conceivable, and also, an information burglary and record are commandeering.


Drupalgeddon 2.0 is caused by deficient sanitation of exhibits objects at Drupal’s center modules, which takes into account remote code execution. This defenselessness has turned into a passage point for different types of malware to flourish in Drupal setups, including the Kitty malware.


What makes Kitty distinctive is that it isn’t just the inner system, server, and site itself which might be bargained to mine digital currency. However, the malware additionally targets guests to traded off areas.

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Kitty, a Monero digital money which uses open-source digging software for browsers, executes a bash content, drupal.php, which is composed to an infected server plate. This at that point sets up a secondary passage into an infected framework isolate from the Drupal defenselessness.


A scheduler then intermittently re-downloads and executes the content each moment, which brings about active infection as well as enables assailants to push updates to the Kitty malware and infected servers rapidly.

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At the point when the server is solidly under the assailant’s control, the “worker” Monero digital currency digger is then installed and executes. Any digital currency mined through the stolen energy of the server is then sent to a wallet having a place with the risk performing artist.


Be that as it may, one server isn’t sufficient, it appears. The malware is additionally instructed to infect other web assets with a mining content named me0w.js.


At first, the Kitty malware will endeavor to mess with index.php – an exceptionally regular record in CMS site setups – and add it to the me0w.js content. All other JavaScript-based documents are then checked and added to the mining list.


“In doing as such, the aggressor infects any future guest on the infected web server destinations to dig digital currency for his transfer,” the analysts note.

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“Ultimately, to prevail upon kitty darlings’ hearts, the assailant brazenly requests to allow his malware to sit unbothered by printing ‘me0w, don’t delete pls I am a safe, adorable little kitty, me0w’.”


This isn’t the first run through the Monero mining address utilized as a part of Kitty has been spotted. Toward the beginning of April, assaults focusing on web servers running the vBulletin 4.2.X CMS additionally actualized Kitty through traded off vBulletin web servers.


At whatever point Kitty is refreshed, the administrator includes another form of the note. The critical variation found was adaptation 1.5, and the most recent excavator is form 1.6.


“This sort of conduct can be an indication of a composed assailant, building up their malware like a software item, settling bugs and discharging new highlights in cycles,” the specialists included.

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