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LosMovies – Watch Free Online Movies | Is LosMovies Safe?

As human being are fans of anything which comes free, LosMovies is one of the most significant sources to watch free movies and TV shows spanning across a range of genres.


You can select through categories such as genre, country, actor, director, and subtitles to watch tons of premium content in full HD quality without paying a penny.


LosMovies is the go-to place for catching up with new releases especially when it comes to episodes of TV shows and all the latest free movies online in multiple genres.


Though, beginning of 2018, the primary domain,, has been blocked in several countries such as the US, UK, Australia, because of the copyright infringement.


The only practical solutions to get the site unblocked are LosMovies Proxy and mirror sites.


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How does this website attract its users?

If you search for online movie website names on your search engine, a white background appears showing the latest movies with login/register button.


Soon the website looks friendly, you select a movie, and it will redirect to another link, and after watching a few ads, the movie starts.


What most of ignore is the Google’s warning (website is unsecured, be aware it might steal your banking credentials).


We take on, the warning a legitimate sign which shouldn’t be ignored. While the ads play on your screen, some of these ads will inject adware and browser hijackers in your computer.


Additionally, few key logger software captures your used payment gateways to harness passwords, login IDs and banking account information.


We examined any rules, privacy policy, terms, and conditions but couldn’t find anything. In all probability, the website seems confusing and if you ever used this website, shared your data then you might have welcomed some threat prone system infections!


Nevertheless, the good news is in this article you will find ways to stop yourself from the malicious attacks of free online streaming websites.



  • Install Anti-Virus/Malware Software.

This software will the first step to protecting your computer and make it virus-free. ITL is the best software which every computer should download and install.


  • Keep Your Anti-Virus Software Up to Date.

ITL has a very useful feature of auto-scan, which helps all its user to scan the system and brings it up to date and assists in maintaining and cleaning the machine.


Free anti-virus software may be one of the better option but not the best solution.


  • Regular and Scheduled Scans with this antivirus.

Due to busy work routine and fast running everyday life, we forget to pay attention to keep your system on an automated scan.


ITL came up with a smart feature where the user can choose to put their device on the run at regular intervals. A good habit is running the scan weekly and at night because that time the computer is not in use.


But this has another side wherein the computer turn off at night, and so the scan is never wholly executed.


The only preventative step the user needs to accomplish is to make sure that the computer doesn’t go into hibernation mode or shuts off automatically.


  • Keep Your Operating System Current.

Although it does matter which OS is currently used; but the more important thing is to keep the computer updated with the most recent version.


OS developers issue a security warning to alert the users to take a proactive step against these warnings and fix and repairs any security leaks.


These patches form as a protective layer to security alerts will help to keep your system secure.


  • Secure Your Network.

The most common way that the computer gets infects is significant because our device is connected to external paraphilia’s such files, printers, or the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection secure which needs a password to access to only a closed shared group and that the password is secure.


Never leave your WIFI unattended and secure it with a strong password.


If you have guests and they would like to access your Internet, give them only SSID permission with a different password, this will protect it from cyber hackers having evil and harmful intention.

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