123vidz browser virus

Is 123Vidz Safe to Use? [Detailed Review on 123Vidz.com]

123Vidz.com is a browser hijacker that supersedes the startup page and new tab settings without the user’s consent.


Due to this interfering action, it was classified as malevolent program. Positively, due to this interference, it is classified as an Adware or PUP family.


123Vidz.com is definitely created to attack Google Chrome browser.


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Visibly, post the infection, the affected browser’s home page and new tab will resolve to 123Vidz.com web site.


The most common ways it is spread is through freeware or shareware apps. It reaches together with nameless programs.


Because of the promising features offered as a free program, many users are allured into downloading them without knowing the risk.


Due to this recklessness, 123Vidz.com and other similar adware freely gains access on the computer.


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It works on the browser as add-on or extension. Once accurately set-up, it modifies home page and default search engine configuration.


123Vidz.com copy’s the popular search portal and take the help of random search engine to charm users.


The home page mainly was designed to stimulate the targeted product or web site. As long as it is utilizing Google, Bing, or Yahoo search, the end results the users gets from 123Vidz.com is safe.


But still there is few security risks involve when a program has downloaded and installed without your approval.


Ways to secure your computer

We strongly recommend to take the below methods to make your computer safe and secure going forward

  • Install Anti-Virus/Malware Software.

This kind of protection is a must-have first step in keeping your computer virus-free. We would strongly suggest to have a robust anti malware which every computer should install.


  • Keep Your Anti-Virus Software Up to Date.

Put your computer on an automatic scan which will updates the computer help in maintaining and cleaning the machine.

Free anti-virus software is good when there are less options, but keep in mind that this may not be the best solution.


  • Run Scheduled Scans with Your Anti-Virus Software.

The modern era is fast moving, we ignore simple step as putting our computer on a regular scan. Making it a practice to put your computer on a weekly scan, as it is a bad idea to wait much longer between scans.

It’s not easy to work on your computer while your anti-virus software is running so a good time to run a scan at night when you are not using your computer.

The only safeguard the user needs to ensure is that it doesn’t shut off automatically or go into hibernation mode.


  • Keep Your Operating System Current.

The choice of OS that you are using is very important as it is an essential step to keep it updated to the latest version and keep it up to date.

OS originators issued this as a security measure to keep security messages that fix and repairs any security leaks.

These patches are helpful to keep your system secure.


  • Secure Your Network.

External peripheral are the most common and easiest by which the computer can get infected, as our computers connect to our files, printers, or the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection secure it with a password to give access to only a closed group and that the password is secret and secure.

It is not a good idea to leave your WIFI unattended and stop the broadcast an open Wi-Fi connection.

If your guests would like to use your Internet, allow your guest SSID that has a different password, to protect it from cyber hackers who can have evil and harmful intention.

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