Informative Guide on is Bytefence Anti Malware Good?

ByteFence anti malware is a security program that shields Windows computers from malware, spyware, and crapware. The anti malware program has free and paid versions that are accessible to download on the official sites. This program made by Byte Technologies and is genuine. Be that as it may, designers effectively spread it using faulty software advertising strategy – packaging.


Packaging permits spreading programs as a discretionary segment in software packages. Therefore, if clients installed a software package from an outsider download source (e.g., Cnet or Softonic), this security program may have been installed too.


The reason for this movement is to advance security software, and ideally, increment the offers of a paid variant. In any case, numerous computer clients who were shocked by sudden framework filters alluded to this action as ByteFence virus. Notwithstanding, we can guarantee that this program isn’t pernicious.


Notwithstanding, because of suspicious dispersion strategy, security specialists relegated this anti-virus to the potentially unwanted programs (PUP) class and profoundly suggest uninstalling ByteFence from the framework.

Installation of ByteFence may change browser’s settings.

It doesn’t make a difference whether you installed ByteFence yourself or it arrived packaged, the anti-malware program is fit for setting as your default web crawler which is known as a browser hijacker.


When installing software intentionally, the installer will incite warning about this browser change. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you don’t quit its installation while downloading freeware, these browser adjustments may appear a shock.


In this way, you should be mindful while installing it and quite undesirable installers. In any case, on the off chance that you install an outside apparatus, for example, Java or Adobe Flash updates, new drivers of ByteFence antivirus and hijacker will most likely be covered up under Quick/Basic installation, which is the reason they will be installed in the face of your good faith.


Even though ByteFence is thought to be real blue, the web index it advances isn’t. As indicated by the ongoing exploration, may cause the accompanying issues:


Change the framework’s settings. ByteFence infuses, which at that point is set as a default begin page and pursuit supplier. Furthermore, it might install internet browser partner, which may square removal of this inquiry.

  • might be identified with Trojan/Win32.AGeneric record.
  • This outsider internet searcher may start sidetracks to dubious sites.
  • It installs treats and can track individuals’ web perusing action.


In this way, on the off chance that you host installed ByteFence packaged with third-gathering software, including hijacker, uninstall it immediately.

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