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Searching the internet to remove shortcut virus from your pc, pen drive or flash drives? There is particular sort of infection remover tool accessible which you can use to evaluate them efficiently and permanently. If you don’t need to utilize any third party software devices still there are some approaches to expel/remove them.


Let’s discuss shortcut virus and its type.

In this digital world we tend to transfer the documents and folders from one PC onto another PC or external storage devices, for example, pen drives, hard disks, flash drives, memory cards, etc. Sometimes when we endeavor to transfer an unknown malware defects naturally, and we cannot open the file demonstrating some error message. This malware is called shortcut virus.

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It is a program which for the most part spreads through the web, flash drives or some third party software, etc. and makes a copy of your original files. When you tap or click on those files, the infection duplicates itself and introduces more infection and some harmful software. This virus comes into your original documents or folders in the same removable media and creates a shortcut with a similar name.

Best Shortcut virus removal

What is Shortcut Virus?

Shortcut virus is a virus which sneaks into your Computer with external Peripheral Devices like Pen drive, Hard Disk, Memory cards or mobile phone and it is capable if changing your files into shortcuts with the original folder icons. The shortcut files carry virus or malware which can infects your PC.

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A shortcut virus is an infection camouflage all your files and folders, then replace it them all with shortcut virus similar to the original virus. If there is any fake shortcuts, you may end up running malware that duplicates the virus, leading to stolen personal data, worsened system performance, and all kinds malware related effects.

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There are two types of shortcut virus:

  1. File and Folder Shortcut Virus:
  2. Flash Drive Shortcut Virus:

Let’s discuss about these shortcut viruses and guide you to remove Shortcut Virus from your computer.

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  • File and Folder shortcut Virus:

This will copy your Files and Folders, Hide and displace it with shortcuts.exe, shortcut.lnk, file.ini (desktop.ini) and shortcut.vbs. This is a blend of Trojan and Worm. The terrible thing about this, it will abandon you with no choices but to click it with a specific end goal to open your Files and Folders. At that point in the wake of executing it, the infection begins to copy itself and introduce noxious software that screens your browsing habit and most noticeably bad thing, tracks your essential data and credit card details.

After some time, you find that you can’t get to your data! When you check the document or file names, the file name is same as you saved before. When you see this file, there is an additional symbol which is actually a Shortcut File. We term this thing as a Shortcut Virus.

Truly, only a shortcut to the files/documents, not the genuine data file or document as you had put away on your USB drive. That indicates that your USB drive has been subjected by shortcut virus.


  • Flash Drive Shortcut Virus:

This for sure is a Trojan; it combines most of the file in your external device and place it into one hidden folder. At that point, it makes a Flash Disk shortcut.exe. Similar to File and Folder Shortcut virus, it will leave no option however click to see your files. Once introduced into your computer, it adds malignant applications that spy your online. Along these lines, the best thing you can do, is to make-it-a-habit not to open your portable gadgets or hard drive by means of auto run or from “my PC”.


What is Shortcut Virus and how can it spread.

When we link a flash drive to an infected PC and transfer any file it naturally contaminate Pen drive and all documents appeared as Shortcut.


This infection can influence any external device like Flash Drives, External Hard disk, Phone Memory, Memory card or any Memory Stick, this is an unknown malware which at first discharged on the web and spreading starting with one PC then onto the next and we got Shortcut of files which are in USB drive if you endeavor to open any document you will get error message.

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The Shortcut virus is a concealed risk that may hide unnoticed in infected PCs for quite a while. If you associate’s PC was the source little should be possible, however you should do your best to make your PC safe before stressing for potential issues from different PCs. Shortcut virus are commonly distributed via accompanying techniques:

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  • Bundling:

These are installers for software that incorporate more than one program for installation within them. At whatever point the Default installation option is picked every included program will get inside your PC. That is a terrible thought – the additional issues are from time to time valuable and the shot of getting an infection, an Adware or some other sort of malignant application is very high. We prescribe to all of our reader to utilize the advanced installation option at whatever point capable. It enables you to block any undesirable additional program from introducing

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  • Fake download

Websites are strong source of this infections. These websites work on calculations, which enable them to duplicate search queries and influence the search engines to trust they have an ideal match for your search. When you attempt to download a file from such a webpage the name will resemble, but the file that you have downloaded are loaded with infections, viruses, malwares and other threats. So it is never a good idea to open documents got from unknown sources without scanning them for infections first. Always keep an antivirus program on your machine.


In any case, without realizing what these infections are we cannot deal with them. Our point by point technique will deal every single hidden file on the USB drives. Always use a good antivirus or anti malware scan software for this mission. If you have no such program introduced on your machine (or you speculate it doesn’t work – your PC was contaminated all things considered) look at our proposal.

We recommend you to download FREE MALWARE REMOVAL TOOL or ITL TOTAL SECURITY software to get rid of any type of Shortcut Virus. Also remember that all kind of format will clean all virus from your drive should it fail. As it will wipe all the virus alongside your data as well as infection present on your device.

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