Graftor Malware Virus

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Graftor Virus is from the family of Trojan horses which seems to to be genuine applications. The aim purpose of this  malware is to connect to internet and contact various different servers without user knowledge, probably to get commands from attacker, or to download more malware.


This virus comes in your computer hidden through several online resources, for example when you surf and go to any file-sharing website, or visit any hacked websites or downloading any unknown programs, Graftor Malware can get into your system when you run and installing any freeware.

Graftor Malware Virus Removal



Yet another example can be when you see a pop up ads which reminds you to update your web browser, and as a safety measure we click on this pop-up this threat gets into your PC.


This trojan also gets into your PC the when you click on any dangerous hyperlink or when you unintentionally open an attachments downloads from spam email, this virus can infect your system as well.

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This Trojan enters via bundled adware, malicious spyware and rogue ware via remote server. After attacking your PC, it changes your system settings without your permission, which builds connection with server hosted by unknown third parties, which take every chance to transfer PC threats every time you launch system and connect the Internet.

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One of the most dangerous effects of this infection is to weakened system performance and lethal security risks on your PC.


Graftor Malware produces high CPU heat which eats up the occupancy rate even on the launch of the system, because of it most of the application runs slow.

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Besides this as soon as are online, spam popups appear and redirects you to unwanted and phishing websites which may make you invest and lose money.


Graftor Malware collects sensitive information like email, online banking data, phone number. The virus can be a huge threat on your system as its aim is to generate web traffic and money for its cybercriminal which can lead you to an online scam and lose lots of money.

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Targeted Browsers

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Internet Explorer


System Problems Caused by Graftor Malware

Most of the system operations become slow.

  • System CPU is highly used by unknown processes.
  • The most frequently visited website by the victim will have commercials ads which are annoying and time consuming.
  • The major aim of this Malware in which it throws Pop up appear by phishing websites to redirect you to unwanted pages constantly.
  • Due to the bundling nature unknown software gets installed without your permission.
  • This malware has a wide spread ability, which uses a large consumption of CPU space which leads to system crashes randomly.
  • Due to its malicious activity the Internet may be blocked and your files may be inaccessible.
  • Modifies auto run registry to run automatically when Windows starts
  • This has the ability to copy malicious executable files into its profile directory
  • Installs its components in background
  • Due to its malicious trend to connects to a remote server without user knowledge
  • Disable users ability to cancel Graftors connection to the Internet


Precautions and Suggestion-

While installing any new freeware software or game make sure you go through the license agreement section and read all the terms and conditions. We would recommend you to use Adware removal tool for all your technical issues.

If reading terms and condition is taking much time , then while installing the freeware opt for “custom and automatic installation,” it is always recommended that you go with this option as this would close the other programs that might get installed along with it .So to secure all these issue use the best antivirus in India.

If you find on your computer screen any additional add-ons or toolbars checked, then make sure to uncheck them this would avoid the installation of browser hijacker or the adware.

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