Torpig Trojan Virus

Best Guide on Torpig Virus

What is Torpig Virus?

Torpig virus is a severely malevolent Trojan horse and a Bot, this virus surfaced in 2005. This virus resurfaced after ten years, and started its second expansion wave.


Although the virus remained the same just the name changed to Anserin or Sinowal trojan and it is responsible for the extracting  of personal information, like the credit card details, login details, passwords, and similar information that would be later used by the hackers to take control over the infected system.

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This Trojan has the ability to modify data on the target computer few harmful activities done by Torpig is that it  can delete some crucial system’s files, disable few processes or even change extensions of saved files (pictures, videos or documents).

 How to remove Torpig Virus

Not to mention, if the virus manages to detect credentials allowing hackers to access the system remotely, it may initiate massive leakage of personal information. That’s is the reason to remove Torpig Trojan from the system ASAP.

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Harmful Effects of this Trojan-

  1. The Trojan will alter the registry of your windows as per itself malicious features. This feature further adds a number of entries so that each time you start and log into the windows, it will run this infected code.
  2. This Trojan allows the remote cyber attacker to access the computer from their location and enter your computer without your permission and then it starts to build a backdoor port, serving as an attacker’s duct.
  3. Post entering and establishing the internal connection, the cyber attacker takes control of the computer and collect and steal sensitive data like username and passwords.
  4. The victim will feel the changes in their computer once this Trojan enters, as it will make efforts to connect to different locations like infected websites, remote servers, and file-sharing networks to download and execute more threats.


Methods for it to enter your system?

Torpig slyly gets added into the infected machine via various methods such as-Clicking and opening spam messages and junk mail, surfing malicious and porn websites which slows down the computer, peer to peer sharing of files and data gives it a way to get added along with free programs downloaded from infected sites.

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Besides malspam campaigns, cybercriminal spread this Trojan via malicious advertisements, which target outdated drivers of Java, Acrobat, Flash, Shockwave, and other software. This method is known as drive-by-download since it does not require user’s intervention. If the software recognizes software vulnerability, the virus is executed even if the user does not interfere with the advertisement in any way.

Generally, it will make you limited your access even to the system’s data leading to severe data loss. That’s the reason we recommend to remove Trojan immediately by using the best antivirus of 2018 in India known as ITL antivirus.


How to remove to Torpig Virus ?

Make sure your computer has a good anti-virus which can catch and stop any cyber threat. As this is a backdoor Trojan it is important to prevent its infiltration, we want to delete it ASAP, and we recommend the most effective by our highly recommended tool which is free malware removal tool which will scan and eliminate all kinds of the virus threat.

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