Detailed Guide About Kovter Trojan

What is Kovter?

Kovter is a Trojan virus is engaged in performing the harmful click to extortion operations on the PCs it has captured, and it is purely intended to make money gain and increase the web traffic for its creators.


When the new Kovter variant takes control of a PC then it advances the ability to establish itself into the registry of the computer and stay concealed from being recognized on the disk.


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Kovter Trojan


It succeeds to evade the detection by playing registry tricks on the operating system.


This threat leads to memory inhabitant and continuously works with the registries to assurance it is stacked into memory every time the infected computers starts up.

The Kovter malware was first discovered somewhere in 2013, since then it is actively evolving.


Anyways, Kovter itself is known to perform pay per click-extortion and make a profit for its inventors.

How Kotver Trojan attacks the computer?

The Kotver Trojan infection is distributed by many means. The most recent example seen which has the quickest and easiest method to get infected by this virus trojan is through infected websites or the malevolent websites.


These malicious web pages affect the operating systems which use the exploit kits that can detect the vulnerability of the computer and install the Trojans without the user’s consent.


Another method used to distribute to spread such malware is through spam emails comprising infected attachments or link to infected or target websites.


The malware writers send such alluring email which takes the help of popular manufacturer names and gives headings which mislead the users into trusting such transportation organization like DHL or FedEx.


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To look at it from a boarder move, your PC is now infected with a Trojan.

Warning signs

  1. Once your PC is invaded with Kotver Trojan your computer would run on a  very high frequency and you would see multiple processes like mshta.exe or powershell.exe running in the Task Manager
  1. Once the kotver Trojan has successfully infected your computer the victim would at times see an alert saying “Windows PowerShell has stopped working”.
  1. And to worsen the things, you would start witnessing a loop of advertisements banners as this Trojan will start behaving as an adware after establishing itself into the computer and this would make the victim’s computer irresponsive.
  2. Now, the whole purpose of displaying such popup ads is to generate revenue by pay per click fraud this was the actual goal of Kotver Trojan.
  1. Once your computer is infected with an adware, most of your web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and MS Edge get redirected to fake security warnings or to sponsored advertisement banners.


Though this Trojan turn adware might not damage any files or Windows system, but it will certainly irritate you with the frequent notification or ad banner.


As it is a malevolent program so the longer it stays on a computer, the more it will weaken the firewall of the computer making way for other malware.

How to get rid of the Kotver Trojan?

We recommend you to do away with Kotver Trojan at the earliest, and it is not going to add any value to your browsing experience but only hamper it further.

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