Google’s Newest Cell Phone is more or like a Piece of Paper. Is it like that?

Have you ever imagined a phone with no selfie-taking and no making of calls?

YES! You wouldn’t believe that there is the newest Google’s cell phone that is just a piece of paper. Still Wondering!

Google launches this new Phone resembles just a piece of paper at home. The Phone is printed with a few pieces of information and is folded into the shape of a rectangle. The magical thing is that with a few snips of scissors, it can also hold a credit card.

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When it comes to Google paper phone- It’s a part of the new package of “Digital Well-being experiments” and aims at giving users a “Digital Detox”, says the Company.

And in the same week, Google launched its latest cell phone- The $800 Pixel 4 with built-in radar technology.

This paper phone is designed in such a way that a user can control it by their hand motions.

Moreover, this home-based newest Google’s Paper Phone attempting to grab the audience’s attention with its classy features built-in.

There is also an app developed for this “Paper Phone. The app is an experimental open-source for your Android device and is available for you. You can try it right now!

The app for the newest launched Paper Phone allows you to select the following options to choose from maps, favorite contacts, and meetings.

Further, you can print them directly to a sheet of paper as the Company wants you to focus on the things that matter utmost.

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Moreover, In a blog post of Google- It said that you could find all the code on Github, that is available for people to play and hopefully evolve and adapt!”

This project-based on Paper Phone includes a phone wallpaper and a “deserted island” program that gives users access only to their most essential apps for 24 hours. Also, it counts how many times a day, a user unlocks their device.

A London-based digital well-being evangelist-Tanya Goodin stated that this new Google’s project reminds her of when Big Tobacco targeted users worried about their wellness with low-tar cigarettes to keep them as customers.

The concept based on “time well spent” has been widely referenced by Silicon Valley executives, including CEO of FaceBook-Mark Zuckerberg.

According to editor Ken Yeung from Flipboard, at a company event on Friday Zuckerberg told his unit to optimize meaningful communications among users on the platform, rather than to spend time on it.

To explore the digital world, Paper Phone isn’t Google’s first attempt at using paper products.

In the year 2014, the Company launched a way to view virtual reality applications on a smartphone named as Google Cardboard. Google stated that in 19 months, it shipped up to 5 million pairs of the low-tech glasses.

Anthony Ramirez- one of a cyber-navigator at the Chicago Public Library also tweeted his approval for Google’s most recent foray into the 2D world. He said that “I’m all about minimalism, and it’s wonderful and feels like an illustration project in an accurate way,”

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