Know All About Forwarding Multiple Emails At Once in Gmail

Are you looking for the trick to forward the multiple emails at once in Gmail? Well, you have landed on the right track. Let’s directly understand by taking an example.

Let’s say your Company’s lawyer calls you, and he urgently needs a copy of each email that you have ever shared or exchanged with one of your co-workers, who is currently not working at your organization.

To share each email, either you’ll spend hrs, OK, let’s take an approximation of thousand emails, or you would certainly going to use the new multiple email forward tool for Gmail.

Know The Multiple Forwarding Of Emails For Gmail Here

If you are using an “” domain or any email hosted by G-suit, then you are lucky enough to send multiple emails in one go. You wouldn’t believe that a new Chrome Extension is available to anyone who owns the respective domain address.

What does the extension do?

The Chrome extension allows the users to select multiple emails at a time in Gmail and let them forward in just a few clicks.

But, make sure that you can use it once knowing the below points:

  • If your company has any legal issues and you want to forward multiple or a large number of emails to a lawyer.
  • If the accountant asks a copy of multiple emails or invoices instantly, then it’s a perfect way.
  • If your HR asks to forward all-important email conversations.
  • If a new recruiter is hired and wants to have all the past records/ emails with prospects.
  • There can be more scenarios, in which you can find this new feature beneficial while accessing Gmail.

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But, how to forward multiple emails at once. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: The initial step is to pick the emails that you wish to forward.

Step 2: Next, click on the forward icon


Step 3: Enter the recipients’ email address, who’ll receive all the mails.


Step 4: After entering the email address, click on the forward emails button. Once you tap on the button, the recipients will start receiving all the emails in his/ her inbox sent by you.

Note: Even if you log out or close the browser or close your PC, the recipient will still receive all the emails.

So, try this amazing chrome extension to transfer multiple emails in a single click.

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