Detailed Information about What is Bloatware?

What is Bloatware?

Most of the company manufacturing windows based computers tend to preload their product with various software programs, in addition to Windows OS and other programs.


Most of the preloaded software that comes from the computer manufacturers can be categorized as bloatware, as these programs hardly get used and silently stay inside the computer only taking up storage space, using up computer resources and slowing down your computer.


According to technical experts, a computer with bloatware has a lower starts rate, shuts down 35% later and has lesser battery life compared to a computer with bloatware.


Bloatware programs are considered non-interfering and harmless, but there have been times when adware and even Malware programs have been detected in Preloaded Bloatware programs.


Why Do Manufacturers Include Bloatware on Computers

It is easy to guess as to why brand new computers come preloaded with Bloatware Programs. The main reason for this is that the computer manufacturers are paid by Third Parties for including their free or trial versions of software programs on their computers.


In some cases, they probably get paid additional money, in case users sign up or subscribe to the paid version of the programs.


When you see sudden rush of annoying pop ups on your computer screen, it is the Bloatware trying to get you into signing up for Paid versions of various third-party Apps on your computer.



We strongly advise to remove Bloatware programs with our in-house anti virus program, and we want you to assure that your computer will be safe and secure going forward

  1. Install Anti Malware Software.

Installing a good antivirus is the foremost and first proactive step to protect in keeping your computer virus-free.ITL is the best software which every computer should install.


  1. Keep Your AntiVirus Software Up to Date.

ITL has the inbuilt feature of automatic scan which updates the computer, which helps in maintaining and cleaning the machine. Free antivirus software is useful when there are fewer options, but keep in mind that this may not be the best solution.


  1. Run Scheduled Scans with Your Antivirus Software.

As we live in this fast pace life, we forget simple step like putting our computer on a regular scan. ITL as a software has the functionality to run at regular intervals. A good practice is to do a scan once a week, as it is a bad idea to wait much longer between duration of scans.


It’s not easy to work on your computer while your anti-virus software is running so a good time to run a scan at night when you are not using your computer.


Once ITL is installed in your computer, it has a unique feature to even run a scan in the night, and always leave your computer running on that day. The only precaution the user needs is to make sure it doesn’t shut off automatically or go into hibernation mode.


  1. Keep Your Operating System Uptodate.

Whichever OS you are using it is a good idea to keep it updated to the latest version and keep it up to date. OS inventors issued this as a safety measure to keep security messages that fix and repairs any security leaks. These patches will help to keep your system secure.


  1. Secure Your Network.

The most common and easy way that the computer gets infects is due to external paraphilias, as our computers connect to our files, printers, or the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection secure it with a password to give access to only a closed group and that the password is secure.


Never leave your WIFI unattended and stop the broadcast an open Wi-Fi connection. If you have guests who use your Internet, allow your guest SSID that has a different password, to protect it from cyber hackers who can have evil and harmful intention.

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