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How to Choose the Best Phone Service Provider in the USA

With the growing competition in every technological business field, phone services have also been updated according to modern requirements. Mostly, phone service providers are the same ones who provide cable TV and internet services. So it allows the customer choose the other digital solutions along with phone service.

Why Still Need Phone Service?

Customers may think that why still there is a need for phone service as the internet is making enough for our routine life?  Many VoIP services use the internet, but there are still a lot of gaps that only phone service can fill.

For mutual conversation, you get these features using a landline or digital phone

  • Clear voice
  • No disruption
  • Reliability (even in worst weather conditions)
  • Cheaper than wireless

For VoIP, these are the hazards that users have to face

  • Disruption
  • Unclear voice
  • Internet speed issue
  • Fragile to intense weather

Currently, in the US, there are many trusted providers for the phone service. If we want to analyze their features in detail, then it will be easy for the customer to decide.

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We will take only top 3 providers in the US.

  1. Charter Spectrum
  2. AT&T
  3. Verizon Fios

We will explore all the features provided by these companies and then will make a comparison to rate them.

What will customers get?

First, the main factor to consider is that what the customer will get upon subscribing the service?

Compare all three in this context.


  • It gives you the freedom of unlimited local calling in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands.
  • Up to 28 calling features
  • No extra fee



  • Free Local calling
  • 120 minutes per month for nationwide calling

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Verizon Fios:

Verizon has launched its phone service under the new label “Fios”. With this service, customers get

  • Free local calling only for unlimited plan
  • Per minute charges for calling
  • For Canada, yes there are charges.



First, we will compare the features of these providers.


  • Charter Spectrum:

Charter Spectrum service gives you the best voice experience due to its diverse features.

Trace a Call:

If the customer is harassed through the call, then the call is traced and the information is shared with the relevant law enforcement agency. Trace call option is available only for recent incoming calls.

3-Way Calling:

It is the quick way to arrange a conference call between 3 persons. Users also have the option to place one caller on hold and then return the 3-way call.

Block Unwanted Callers:

The customer can also block any unwanted caller.

Caller ID on TV:

If the customer is watching TV, any incoming call will be displayed on the TV screen. So the user can decide whether to accept or ignore the call.

Readable Voicemail:

Customers can also read the voicemail. Voicemails will be sent on email address with an audio file and the exact text of the call.

VIP Ring:

A special ringtone can be assigned to favorite callers so the customer can recognize the call just by hearing the tone.

Call Forwarding:

Customers can forward the incoming calls in the way they like. They can forward all the calls or some calls to a specific number.

So these are some unique features of Charter Spectrum Phone that you will not get from other providers. Some other common features are like

  • Call Blocking
  • Call Waiting
  • Speed Dialing

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  • AT&T:

Call Forwarding:

Yes, it’s available. Calls can be forwarded to an alternate number.

Call Blocking:

Up to 100 calls can be blocked.

Caller ID on TV:

Yes, customers can also view the incoming calls on the TV screen.

Call Trace:

Call trace is available but only for the last call. Also, it will cost.

Locate Me:

AT&T has the extra feature to locate the user.

Call Waiting Options:

Call waiting is common as offered by providers.


  • Verizon Fios:

It has many features that were not previously introduced by Verizon.

Number Protection:

If the customers do not want to show their number on the receiver’s phone display, it will be shown as “Private” or “Anonymous” on display. So the number will be protected.

Enhanced Caller ID:

Customers will easily recognize the incoming call whether it is a regular call or Spam.

Block Calls:

Yes, call blocking is also available with this service.

Voice Mailbox but limited:

Only five numbers can be selected for voice mailbox.

Call Waiting and Call Forwarding options are same as others.

Common Features:

Besides these features, all three have some characteristics in common.

  • 411 directory assistance
  • Do not disturb


International Calling:

Phone service is not limited to the country. You can use it effectively for international calling. These providers also have their unique calling rates for international calls.

We will describe their international plans.

  • Charter Spectrum offers the unlimited calling per month plan on a reasonably low cost. Its dialing range covers the 70 countries mostly Europe, India, and China, etc. There are no extra charges for calling.
  • AT&T also offers per month plan on a low cost. You can talk to 220 countries, but it has bounded the customers to take an extra voice plan.
  • Fios charges on per minute base. But you can also avail the month plans which are relatively higher in prices. Its calling plan is valid for up to 120 countries.



So based on these features, Spectrum Cable Company is the best in the US for customers as it offers so many unique features with consistent quality service at a lower price.

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