Know the Best Cloud Storage Apps For Android

If you are worried about storing the massive amount of data in one place, then let us tell you that it’s not a matter to worry about!

Thankfully, we have some of the best Cloud Storage apps for Android, which are available in the market. Saving from data, videos, documents to everything, these apps play a vital role.

But what exactly the term Cloud Storage mean?

Cloud Storage is just a convenient way that you can utilize to store your private credentials like photos, videos, documents, and files without investing much within a single entity.

You can 100 percent rely on these apps, as these apps certainly provide legitimate peculiarities to you.

Similarly, when it comes to Cloud Storage apps, they not only help in storing data but using these utilities, you can even access the data without any device or geographical constraints.

The cloud storage apps have gained much popularity. Thus it is quite a challenging task for us to pick the best app. Right!

So, today, after searching a lot about the best cloud storage apps, we have gathered some of the best picks for you. We hope you’ll like it.

Here are some of the top- trending apps based on cloud storage:

4 Top Apps based on Cloud Storage

1.   Dropbox


If you wish to have a file hosting service, then nothing could be better than a Dropbox. It is operated by one of the well-known American companies, Dropbox.

This hosting service is available for both the platforms Android & iOS. And, when it comes to operating, it’s a simple yet effective app.

The app helps you in storing videos, documents, photos, and files. Moreover, using the app, you can even access your private information when not having an internet connection. Great!

Additionally, you can even create public folders & share the link for the same with others.

The app is the most reliable, genuine while storing your data. The app features the sharing of files, synchronization, and more. Overall, the app makes the task easier for users.

You can store up to 2GB of data, and you have to sign up for this. In case if you wish to store a little large amount of data, then you have to subscribe for the paid version with a 1TB storage, and that will cost you monthly $ 9.99.

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2.   Google Drive


Who doesn’t know Google Drive? One of the most extensive used file storage and synchronization service by all. Google is the developer of this well-known utility, Google Drive.

The service is available for both Android & iOS users. When it comes to serving storage space, you can store up to 15 GB of data for FREE.

If you are thinking of keeping your documents, files, spreadsheets at a secure place, then Google is one of the best-integrated platforms.

You can not only store photos, videos, or any other file here, but you can even view or download them whenever needed.

You can access the app by just signing in into your Google Account. Simple! Its search feature helps you to track files by your content or name.

By setting the permission, you can easily access a few of its facilities like control editing, and commenting on specific documents, and more.

By paying $29.99 per month, you can access to get extra storage space up to 30TB.

3.   Mega


Mega is again one of the best cloud storage and files hosting utilities, which is offered by a respected company, Mega Limited- an Auckland-based company.

The service is available for both the platforms Android & iOS. While using the service, you can store up to 50 GB of storage.

Moreover, the service provides you a fantastic interface of drag & drop so that you can upload photos, files, and videos.

If you wish to stream, download, or share the files, then this platform is the best choice for you. With Mega, it’s super easy to access all your essential documents from anywhere.

If you want to store a significant amount of data, then you can get 200GB of cloud storage space for $5 per month and for $30 per month, you can get 4TB of data storage space.

Please note, before the data reaches the firm’s server, it gets encrypted on your device.

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4.   Amazon Drive


Well, Amazon Drive is the cloud storage application, which is managed by Amazon. It’s available for both Android and iOS users.

When it comes to managing your data, its simple to manage. Moreover, you can search the file and can modify as per your wish like delete it rename it.

Additionally, the app allows you to edit and share files like pictures, documents, videos, and music.

The best part about the app is that even if your device is stolen or lost, using this app, you can quickly access the confidential data that you have stored on Amazon Drive.

Also, you have a fantastic option to share files using links and attachments in text messages, email, and other social apps. You can now store up to 5GB of data for free by Amazon Drive.

To Sum Up:

Undoubtedly, tons of best cloud storage apps are often designed and are currently available on Android. Also, it offers you free and paid solutions to store and secure your data. Pick the best cloud solution to store data securely.

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