Zeus Virus Scam

Best and Proven Guide on Zeus Virus [Scam]

ZeuS Virus is a nasty banking Trojan horse program and in order to get a detailed information about zeus virus click here.


This can also be termed as crimeware.


The primary feature of this Trojan is to steal data from infected computers via web browsers and protected storage.


Once it enters the victim’s computer, it infects, and then the infected computer then passes the stolen information and data to a bot command and control (C&C) server, where the data is stored.


ZeuS is sold in the criminal underworld as a kit for around $3000-4000, and it is one of the malware most utilized by criminals specializing in financial fraud.

Zeus Virus Alert

Once a Zeus Trojan sneaks into a machine, it remains inactive till the victim visits any web page to fill in details. One of the toolkit’s most robust features is that it gives access to the cybercriminals to add fields to forms at the browser level.


This directly takes the end user to a fake website. The user is made to believe that they are seeing the legitimate site but might be asked to fill in an additional blank with specific information for “security reasons.


ZeuS has evolved and includes a full arsenal of information stealing capabilities:

  1. Steals data submitted in HTTP forms.
  2. It can hack the account credentials stored in the Windows Protected Storage.
  3. Steals client-side X.509 public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates.
  4. Steals FTP and POP account credentials.
  5. Steals/deletes HTTP and Flash cookies.
  6. It brings in changes to the HTML pages of target websites for information stealing purposes
  7. Redirects victims from target web pages to attacker-controlled ones
  8. Takes screenshots and scrapes HTML from target sites
  9. Searches for and uploads files from the infected computer
  10. Modifies the local host’s file (%systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts)
  11. Downloads and executes arbitrary programs
  12. Deletes crucial registry keys, rendering the computer unable to boot into Windows.



This is the initial step to protect and keep your computer malware-free. So we would like to suggest ITL which is the best software which every computer should have installed.

  • Always Keep Your Anti-Virus Software Up to Date.

ITL has an effective feature which helps all its user in an automatic scan system which updates the computer and aids in maintaining and cleaning the machine. Free anti-virus software may be one of the better option but not the best solution.


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  • Regular and Scheduled Scans with this antivirus.

With the daily and hectic work routine, we forget such simple step like auto scan of your system on. Done worry to take of this issue we have ITL as an answer to this issue, with this software you can choose to run at regular intervals.

A good habit is put the scan on a weekly bases. We would suggest running the scan preferably at night because that time the computer is not in use.

But this has its negative aspect too which is that generally the computer turn off at night, and so the scan is never completely executed. The user must make sure that the computer doesn’t shut off automatically or go into hibernation mode.


  • Keep Your Operating System Current.

Whichever OS you are currently using, the vital thing is to keep it updated with the latest version and keep it updated.

OS developers as a preventive measure issues security warnings that will fix and repairs any security leaks. These patches in the form of security alerts will help to keep your system secure.

  • Secure Your Network.

The most upfront method by which the computer can get compromised is when any  external device or paraphilia’s are connected to our existing files, printers, or the Internet through Wi-Fi secure connection which demands a password which can be access only by a closed shared group and that the password is unique and secure.

Never leave your WIFI unattended as it might stop the open Wi-Fi connection.

If you have friends or family over and they would like to use your Internet, give them SSID permission with a different password, this will protect it from cyber hackers having evil and harmful intention.

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