Anonymizer Gadget

Anonymizer Gadget – What is it and How to delete it from PC

What is Anonymizer Gadget?

Anonymizer Gadget is the name of a program distributed by a website called NotToTrack, where they promote this tool as the fastest and best proxy in the world.


As per them this tool will permit you to visit websites that are blocked for your geographical setting, plus they deal to encrypt all your browsing through the Internet.


Although we haven’t tested if everything they offer actually works for improving customer satisfaction, but we do know for sure is that Anonymizer Gadget is an adware.


We have come to this conclusion because this program will show unexpected ads in every website you visit, even if the program is not active.


This adware puts your PC in trouble by getting different Internet threats to your computer’s system.


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Anonymizer Gadget may also install unreliable applications that can be less or more harmful to you PC.


When Anonymizer Gadget enters your computer’s system, it attaches itself to adware servers. Then it starts to support pop-up ads offering insignificant services.


If feel tired of these irritating advertisements, then the best solution is to remove Anonymizer Gadget from all of your web-browsers.


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Besides, you should never trust such type of ads and remove /delete all similar software because it may put your PC at risk.


Chances are that you may still see advertisements after the Anonymizer Gadget has been removed from your PC.


This means that you have not yet completely removed and erased all of the advertisement-supported programs yet.


Therefore, it is important to discuss how you can erase Anonymizer Gadget and other adware from your PC for good.


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Prevention Methods from the Adware?

There are some fundamental rules which should help avoid adware.

  1. Pay utmost care and caution before downloading and installing any programs from the internet. Check your favorite search engine such as Google (especially in the Google groups section) to be sure other people are not facing the same issue.
  2. Try to avoid logging in sites which have questionable reputation, especially sites with an excessive amount of advertising pop ups. This will help avoid any accidental clicking on a popup which is known to infect some systems.
  3. Always carefully read licensing agreements with the hidden terms and condition attached.
  4. Be on a look out and awareness of the latest adware’s and keep a watch for anti-spyware scams. …
  5. The most common method used by the adware is the malicious links attached, so be careful of clickable advertisements, as it may redirector you and may trick you into some illicit website.
  6. We suggest and recommend for your safety of your computer to download adware removal tool.


How does adware affect my computer performance?

Adware can extremely slow down your computer system performance and cause instabilities for the following reasons.

  1. It may bring in changes to the operating system to make its removal more difficult.
  2. It may create many processes to prevent removal and ensure an abundance of displayed ads.
  3. It is not “quality” software and is usually poorly written from a performance and stability perspective.
  4. It will use part of your internet connection speed to display ads and thereby slow your legitimate traffic to the internet.
  5. It may download other adware software from the same company or other partner companies.


Precautions and Suggestion-

After reading the above we would like to suggest the best anti adware tool, special care should be taken while installing any new freeware software or game make ensure that the user go through the license agreement section and read all the terms and conditions.


We would recommend our best tool for Adware removal tool for all your technical issues.


In most of the negligence which happens if when reading terms and condition is taking a toll on the user and they ignore this important thing while installing the freeware go for “custom and automatic installation,” it is each time recommended that you go with this option as this would close the other programs that might get installed along with it. So to secure all these issues use the best anti-adware ITL.

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