9 Most Trusted App Lock for Android: Secure Your Device

Are you exploring the best app lock for Android?

If you are anxious about hacking, or someone is stealing your private data from your cell phone, or if you are facing any other similar issues.

Let us reveal to you that you have come across the correct path, which has the answer to all your woes related to the security of your phone.

This article is all about the top-notch trusted locking apps that you can use on your Android platforms to secure them from anyone around you, whom you don’t want to showcase your personal information or anything like that.

Now you won’t be questioning about the best solution provider methods as this article itself includes the best Android lock screen app list.

List of FREE app lock for Android

We are listing down the 9 Most Trusted App Lock for Android: Secure Your Device. Here you go.

Applock by DoMobile Lab

If you want to hide or protect your private data, then you must try Applock by DoMobile Lab. It’s the most downloaded screen locking app on Play Store.

The app aims to protect privacy using a PIN, Pattern, and Fingerprint lock. This app is used by over 50 countries, and over 400 million users have downloaded the app and support 45 languages. Interesting!

Using the app, you can lock WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Gallery, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Incoming Calls, Settings, and more. Moreover, the app also helps in preventing unauthorized access to your device. The app also hides photos, videos. It’s one of the safest ways to protect your phone.

Price: FREE

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Applock by IVYMobile

When it comes to securing your data and trying out some new DIY themes, then Applock by IVYMobile is the best choice for you.

Using the app, you can lock all your secrets like hiding photos, videos, or any sensitive information located on your phone.

The app helps you in locking all the apps, including Whatsapp, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. The app provides an invisible pattern lock and random keyboard.

Moreover, the app features DIY Themes, Power saving mode, screen lock, cleaner and speed booster, video vault, and more.

Price: FREE

Applock- Fingerprint Pro

Applock-Fingerprint Pro by Droid Team is the best Android lock screen available in the market. It’s the best privacy guard using which you can protect your entire device instantly.

The app provides a super powerful password and pattern lock for protecting your device. This secret app lock tool also helps in protecting your phone from your child. The supporting features of the app are as follows:

The app supports fingerprints, protect your email, SMS, call logs, block apps, a great password manager tool; you can even unlock the apps quickly, and lost more to explore.

Price: $3.99

AppLocker by BGNmobi

AppLocker by BGNmobi is the best free locking app tool that supports fingerprint. It’s the app protector that helps in locking and protecting all the apps and social media apps using the pattern, Password, and fingerprint techniques.

Using the app, you can view and utilize many-colored theme options. Also, it has a lock system settings to protect unwanted modifications by kids and also prevents from uninstalling the apps.

It’s the lightest app lock available on Google Play that does not consume a lot of battery power, RAM, or any other system resource like other dows.

Moreover, the app includes awesome themes and colors, data security, hides your photos by locking your gallery and other essential apps. Overall, it works flawlessly.

Price: Free / $2.99

App Lock: Fingerprint Password

Do you want to protect your device from everyone, even from Kids?

AppLock by Keepsafe is the best choice. It’s among the best app lockers bin, it helps you in securely protecting and locking any apps with it. 62 million users have used the app, and they found it really helpful.

The app enables you to choose between Fingerprint, Password, and PIN. Also, it gives you the ultimate option to lock apps, social media apps on your phone, and prevents apps from being uninstalled.

The app adds up an extra layer when it comes to protecting your device. The app is easy to run and use.

Price: Free / $0.99

So, just try out this app

Norton App Lock

If you want to prevent embarrassing “Pocket Dial” accidents, then you must install Norton App Lock now. This is the best app lock. In just one tap, you can lock and protect your private credentials using PIN, Password, or lock screen pattern to open.

The app adds up a security layer in case if your device is stolen or lost. It provides you an option to lock your desired app at any time. You can even lock one or more apps using the same 4-digit PIN passcode.

Moreover, the app also provides you a lock for social apps, photo locks, video apps. Also, it helps in hiding photos and videos. The app also acts as the best parental control tool, and it carries much more when it comes to utilizing the app.

Price: FREE

Perfect AppLock

If you want this 100% fully compatible secured locking tool, then you must try Perfect AppLock.

The app provides ultimate features, using which you can lock apps, home screen, outgoing, incoming calls, WiFi, 3 G data, Bluetooth, USB, and more.

All this you can lock using the following locks like PIN, Password, and Text Password. The app is supported by a 5.1.1 lollipop android version.

Price: FREE

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Smart AppLock

If you are searching for an elegant, light and professional app, then you must go for Smart AppLock by ThinkYeah mobiles.

The app is supported by the Android 6.0 version. It’s one of the intelligent tools that helps in locking apps you wish to lock.

The app is the great privacy guard and locks your phone by password setting, entering a PIN, and more.

Using the app, you can also lock all your private details, incoming calls, markets, apps, etc.

The unique thing that this app includes is its beautiful UI and easy to use, provides you a customized lock screen style, different types of lock like patterns, PIN and Password, Hide and encrypts your photos and videos and performs various functionalities when comes to utilizing the tool.

Price: FREE

LOCX Applock Lock Apps & Photo

This app is highly recommended and praised by the authority media. Locx is one of the best app locks for Android.

It helps in locking apps, private photos, secret videos, messages, and more, to keep your all over data safe from intruders.

The app is the perfect guard to your cell phone. Moreover, the best part is all about its features, which protect private apps, lock your phone privacy, invisible lock, quick lock, delay to lock, and more.

Price: FREE


So, this is a free app lock download list, that you can visit to know all about the 9 Most Trusted App Lock for Android: Secure Your Device. Please, like, share, and comment.

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